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Poker Betting

Betting is central to the game of Poker. In the majority of games, a player must ante some amount of money just to get dealt. This amount varies in each individual game. At the end of game, the highest poker hand and one which has not folded claims the pot. Usually betting classically proceeds in clockwise order. One has the following four choices:

Bet If you happen to be the first player to bet, you get to bet an amount within the betting limits of that very poker game. This sum goes into the pot.

Call - While calling, you bet ample money to go with the total amount of what has been bet. As an illustration, if a player bets a quarter, you would call and offer a quarter into the pot. If an opponent raised your bet, you would put an equivalent amount into the pot.

Raise While raising, you first bet enough to match what has already been bet by another player (as in calling), then you 'raise' the bet another amount (the amount is purely up to you, but there is usually a limit to raises. For example, if a player bet twenty five cents, you might call the twenty five cents and raise another fifty cents - for a total bet of seventy five cents.

Fold Whenever you choose to fold, you drop out of the current hand. Thus you give up every possibility of winning the pot. Further from then on you do not have to offer any more money into the pot.

Fixed Limit / Pot Limit / No Limit

The maximum bets & raises admissible and the structure of poker betting, are all decided by the nature of individual games as follows:

Fixed Limit Poker - Here the betting limits are always structured by round. For example $10/$20 signifies that the initial bets and raises are $10, and the later bets and raises come close to $20.

In Pot Limit Poker, the highest amount players can raise or bet equals the size of the pot.

In No Limit poker games, there is basically no maximum limit or structure on the bet or raise, excepting the extent to which you are limited to bet the amount of chips you have on the table.

Determining the timing of betting and how much to bet is a large part of a players Poker skills and strategies adopted. Our site helps you with important information to make good betting choices

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