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Texas Hold’em is a complicated game and many beginners get confused about the best way to play. Unfortunately, TV doesn’t make it any easier for new poker players. Poker professionals make moves at final tables that would cause an inexperienced player to lose their stack. Here are some poker tips to help you become a winning Texas Hold’em player.

Tight is Right
You can give yourself a significant edge by playing only premium hands. Some players will play any two suited cards or any hand with an ace in it, but that kind of play will make you go broke quickly. Stick to premium hands like high pocket pairs and high hands with some connectivity like KQ suited, AQ and AK.

Be Aggressive
Play your premium hands strong. A common mistake beginners make is to slow play hands like pocket aces. High pocket pairs don’t like multi-way pots. You should raise them pre-flop to narrow your competition. If you can’t bet or raise a hand, you should fold.

Watch Your Position
Position is powerful in Texas Hold’em. The closer you are to the button, the better your position is. The reason position is so important is that you get to see what all your opponents do before you act. That means you have more information before you act and can use that information to make the best move.

Manage Your Bankroll
This poker tip is probably the most overlooked. Sometimes you lose even when you make the right move. That’s the nature of poker. Proper bankroll management is essential to weathering the swings. You should never risk more than 5% of your bankroll on a cash game or Sit N Go or more than 2% of your bankroll on a multi-table tournament.

These poker tips will give you a good foundation to build your poker knowledge.


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