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Poker Tells

Poker is fairly popular these days, so the chances of your being asked to join a game are really good. Even if you have never played before, you can still ensure you leave with a chip or two by learning your opponents' body language and what it could indicate about the cards they are holding. Thus tells are all the signs and gestures a player gives out while playing Poker. We include here some common tells:
  1. The stack glance is when a person without delay looks at his chips when he is dealt his cards. It more or less always means they have good cards and they are looking to see what they have to go for betting or raising.

  2. The revival is when a player has been slumping, but when he's dealt a hand, he decides to lean forward and take interest in the proceedings. His gets a strong hand and decides to play this cautiously.

  3. If your opponent's hands are trembling as he throws in his chips, his hand is possibly so good he can't plug his excitement. However, being so nervous about a great hand is the tell he is trying so hard to cover up. Fold now, don't even think of beating him unless you have the highest hand possible.

  4. The ‘showboat bet’ is when your adversary makes a big bet by throwing his chips into the pot in an exaggerated way. He possibly has a marginal or weak hand and is hoping to scare you off. If you possess good enough cards, call or even raise. The odds are you will end up scaring him off and scoring his chips.

  5. Look for the player who is visibly trying to act disinterested. He almost certainly has a great hand and is trying very hard not to give away any tells so he won't scare you into folding. Check if you can. But if he bets and your hand is weak, positively fold. Or else you'll just keep adding to the pot, which is just what he wants.

  6. The stare-down is when an opponent bets and then fixes his eyes directly on you. His hand sucks but he prays that you think it's good, so you'll fold and he would get to win. Call or simply raise to let him know who's in charge of the hand.

  7. Watch out for the usually talkative player who never seems to finish what he's saying. If he's in the middle of a story, but keeps pausing to look at his hand, then he more than likely has good cards. Avoid betting unless your cards are good.

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