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The best way to master the game of Poker though is through actually playing it. And reading books is never an easy or too entertaining an experience! How can we forget that all-too-famous saying, "Buy you the books, send you to school, and you'd eat the covers off of 'em."

All said and done, reading Poker books is a good idea as many of them give some really useful advice. Consulting them (many of them are by former players) helps us learn the game from a different perspective

Poker Books Recommended

There are a number of books already in the market on Poker, not to mention enormous resources available on the Internet. The books by Poker legends like Doyle Brunson or Dan Harrington mostly written with the backdrop of a major tournament Still it is heartening to know that newer books on Poker or updated editions have started to take low-limit online poker into consideration. For instance, Matthew Hilger's Internet Texas Hold 'em and Lee Jones' Winning Low-Limit Hold 'em are outstanding resources that are all about playing wild games. While Jones' book isn’t focused on internet play, you would see a lot of parallels in the games he is describing. The only downside is that these books are all about limit ring games, which may not be all players’ first choice. Both Harrington and Brunson write about no-limit and do offer an excellent base knowledge. Still we suggest you should refer to them only when you're a little further on your poker progress.

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