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For a deep knowledge of Poker, one has to be familiar with all the technical terms so common to this game. There are many books and literature on the Web already available. However, the basics pose the real challenge and it is here that our actually helps you in no difficult manner. Some of the related terms are:

Cowboy It is an informal term for a King.

Deadwood It means a pile of cards that have been discarded by players during a hand.

Deuce It makes the casual term for a 2.

Pass Has the same meaning as "check".

Pigging it It is basically the act of calling both "high" and "low" in a game of high-low poker, in so doing "greedily" claiming both halves of the pot, like a pig.

Pocket cards It is normally a Texas Hold'em term referring to the hole cards - the two cards dealt face down to each player at the start of a particular game.

Pot The in fact total of chips or money, in some cases bet by players in a specific hand of poker.

Raise - A bet bigger than any previous bet in a round of betting. The raise must be matched by all other players in order for them to stay in the hand.

Rake - The percentage of each pot that is retained by the house in order to make a profit. There is usually a maximum rake which may vary according to the game and stakes played for.

Sweetening the pot Seeding of the pot by posting an ante is called sweetening the pots.

Table stakes These are the maximum amount of money that a player can bring to the table. A player can bet no more than his table stakes.

Wired - When a five-card stud player carries a pair with one of his hole cards and his first up-card. A wired hand is also well-known as a "back to back" hand.

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